About Us

Mission Statement

At Neeld Family Chiropractic our mission is to serve our community and help our practice members live healthy, abundant lives by restoring optimal function through neurologically based, corrective chiropractic care.

Our Beliefs

We believe in the body’s ability to heal and recover from sickness and injury.  We believe that detecting and correcting interference to the nervous system is not a luxury but a necessity. We believe that our current healthcare model falls short and that we can do better for ourselves, our children and future generations to come. At Neeld Family Chiropractic we believe that your health is your most important asset. In fact, take a minute to think about your goals for the next 10, 15 or 20 years. That may be traveling, retirement, playing sports like golf or tennis or spending more time with your family. All of those require one thing, your health. We challenge you to find any aspect of your life that doesn’t require you to be in good health. Since your health is so important, we want to inspire you to have a clear, concise definition of exactly what health is and what you can do to maintain and preserve it.

It is well known that prevention is better than the cure. It’s much easier to prevent sickness and disease than it is to try to recover from it. Modern science shows us that 95% of diseases are acquired by our lifestyle. This means that you are not a victim of bad luck or bad genes. It means that if you live a life congruent with what your body needs, you have a far greater chance at being healthy than being sick. If you look at what some people do to their body’s over decades, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, drugs, poor diet and so on, it’s actually amazing at how resilient the body is.  We believe that being “healthy” is your body’s natural predisposition. Your body is programmed for health and optimal function. You just have to remove the things that interfere with the body and provide the nutrients and proper nerve supply that it needs!  Call and schedule a consultation so we can help you on your journey of reaching your optimal health!

About The Doctor

Dr. Chad NeeldDr. Chad Neeld was introduced to chiropractic care as a teenager after a motor vehicle accident.  He found out that he had lost a majority of the curvature in his neck and that it was causing his migraine headaches and neck pain that he just considered “normal”. He was educated on the importance of the nervous system, which controls every single function of the body.  He quickly understood that just because his symptoms were common, they were not “normal” and they were indicating interference to his nervous system which was ultimately causing his pain. Fortunately, the chiropractor he was treating with was a corrective care chiropractor and was able to help him not only feel better, but helped him restore the normal curve in his neck, which improved his function and decreased his symptoms.  Realizing the amazing power of the body to recuperate, Dr. Neeld decided to change his career path and go to school to become a chiropractor himself to be able to help others achieve the results he had.